DIY Sponsorships: Pitching Sponsors, Setting Prices and Making Money for Indie Podcasts (PodCon 2019 Workshop)

You don’t need an agent or 30,000 downloads to get sponsors for your podcast. Learn how to write a great pitch, set prices for your show, find potential sponsors, and incorporate ads into your episodes—the right way. Whether you’re an industry vet or an enthusiastic newcomer, a solo podcaster or part of a team, you’ll gain from this audio replay valuable information and a plan for your own sponsor outreach.

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More Pre-Pro, Less Problems: A Comprehensive Guide to Podcast Pre-Production (PodCon 2019 Workshop)

Wait! Before you press the big publish button—are you really ready to go? There are so many details to get right before you release the first episode of your podcast. Get the skinny on how to set your show up for success with pre-launch market research; stirring up buzz with social media; making your podcast accessible for all listeners; and taking care of business as you set up your team.

Whether you’re planning to launch a new show, or want to make sure your existing podcasts are ready to grow to new heights, you’ll walk away from this playback of our PodCon 2019 workshop with resources and checklists to make your life easier and your show better.

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Multitude LIVE in Seattle, January 2019!

HEY! We’re having TWO LIVE SHOWS in SEATTLE the same weekend of PODCON 2. Do you live in or near Seattle? Coming to town for the conference? Join us for a night of storytelling, hilarity, and Pokemon.

Title: Underground Sound - A Live Multitude Audio Zine


Description: Is “underground podcast live show” entirely your brand? Do you think your podcast subscription list is the punkest thing this side of Roman Mars’ closet? You’re in luck! Your friends at Multitude have entered the meatspace for a one-night-only show of storytelling, hilarity, and Pokemon. Featuring your favorite hosts of Join the Party, Potterless, Spirits, Waystation and HORSE, plus some special guests! It’s the best choice for your ears since noise-cancelling headphones.

Venue: The Jewelbox Theater at The Rendezvous, a 21+ venue in downtown Seattle. It’s an 18-minute walk or 10-minute tram ride from the PodCon convention center.


  • Will this be the same show on two different nights? - Each night will be a different show, so come to both if you can! Special guests to be announced…

  • What exactly will be happening? - Live segments of your favorite Multitude shows, one-night-only mashup segments, and a musical guest.

  • How long is the show? - 90 minutes with no intermission. We will be around to hang out after the show in the Grotto, a bar attached to the venue.

  • Is this venue accessible? - Yes.

  • I’m not 21. Can I come? - Unfortunately the venue is 21+. But we will be recording the shows, so stay tuned for details about how and where to hear that!

  • Will tickets be available at the door? - Yes, as long as we don’t sell out. There will be a limited number of standing-room-only tickets available day-of at the door.

  • Can I buy food and drinks at the venue? - Yes! You can even show up early to have dinner in the venue’s restaurant before the show. There’s some great ramen on the late-night menu.

  • Is this affiliated with PodCon? Does my conference badge get me into the show? - No, this show is not affiliated with PodCon. But all of the Multitude hosts will be in town for the conference, so we’re doing some live shows too!

Monetization, Community Building and Social Media for Podcasts (PodCon 2017 Workshop)

Amanda, Julia and Eric Silver from Join the Party led a workshop at PodCon 2017 on how to grow your community, make money, and market your podcast. We had a ton of fun and met a lot of incredible podcasters! 

The audio from the session is below. Our slide deck is here, the session handout (great for taking notes!) is here, and notes are below. Let us know what you think! We're @shessomickey, @juliaschifini and @el_silvero, and the workshop hashtag is #podconcommunity.

How to Start & Grow A Podcast

In February 2017, the Spirits team led a workshop called "Podcasting from A to Z" at Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria. You can watch the recording of the panel below, and access the presentation slides here.

For more in-depth resources, check out Amanda's blog. Our friend Zach Valenti also published a comprehensive guide to podcast equipment and editing here.