How to Start & Grow A Podcast


In February 2017, the Spirits team led a workshop called "Podcasting from A to Z" at Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria. You can watch the recording of the panel below, and access the presentation slides here.

For more in-depth resources, check out Amanda's blog. Our friend Zach Valenti also published a comprehensive guide to podcast equipment and editing here.

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Materials by Amanda McLoughlin. Slides by Allyson Wakeman.


Idea Generation & Testing

  • Search availability of domain names and social media handles all in one

  • Search for domain names to make sure you can get the one you want. Especially good for handling multiple domains



  • Finding a recommended designer within your network/friend circle is ideal. Developing a relationship with a designer you trust will be helpful initially and super beneficial down the road

  • Canva: Free tool for creating social media banners, infographics, etc.

  • iTunes Best Practices : Lists ideal dimensions for cover art and guidelines for metadata. Good for market research, too! See what designs from the top charts stand out to you and why

  • Illustrator: If you’re taking on design yourself

  • Learning:,



  • Microphones

    • Dynamic mics are best for picking up voice and not picking up on background noise.

    • Budget version: Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid ($68)

    • Mid-tier version: Shure SM57-LC ($99)

    • Condenser mics are a budget-friendly alternative for 2+ people to share at the same time (ex: Blue Yeti, $99)

  • Additional Equipment

    • Digital interface - Translates analog audio signals to digital files

    • Mixers - More suitable than interfaces if you’ll be doing a lot of live shows, also play music, or need 2+ inputs (mics, instruments, sound effects, etc.) at a given time

    • Accessories - You may also need headphone splitters, pop screens, and mic stands

  • Sources of Advice

    • B&H: A photo/video super store in NYC that you can call for free advice and product recs

    • Blogs: Lots of “cheap starter kits for podcasters” blog posts exist online!

    • Technique is just as important as equipment. Read, watch and listen to all you can about how to use mics, record sound, and post-produce




Social media






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