Multitude LIVE!

The only thing better than making podcasts is making them in a room with YOU! There will be jokes galore. Here are our upcoming performances and events.

Akron, OH

  • Saturday April 27, 2 PM: The Spirits team will have a meetup outside the Spaghetti Warehouse in Akron, OH—assuming they survive!

PodX - Nashville, TN (June 2019)

  • Saturday June 1, 12:40 PM: “DDR - Dungeons and Dragons in Reality.” A live improv show powered by D&D! Instead of high fantasy, each person will play themselves with their own abilities and special items. Can the players make it out of the crazed Dungeon Master's escape room in time, or will they be trapped when the clock runs out? It's an actual play podcast that everyone can enjoy. (Tickets here)

  • Saturday June 1, 4:40 PM: “Playing for a Better World: How Games Makes Us Better Creators.” Games are easier than ever to pick up and play. But they're more than hitting the high score or publicly destroying your friends. They're creative exercises, engines for change, and sneaky ways to learn a hell of a lot about yourself. Hear how these creators play video games and tabletop RPGs to jumpstart their creative minds and figure out how to make 2019 a better place to be. (Tickets here)

  • Sunday June 2, 11:20 AM: “It’s Never Too Late: Learning, Growing & Fixing Mistakes After Launch (Presented by Multitude).” Pre-production doesn’t stop just because your show is out! The internet may be forever, but you can fix mistakes and improve your show with aplomb and grace. Multitude spells out the best way to grow after your launch and tweak the present so you’re set up for the future. (Tickets here)

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More announcements to come very shortly!

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