What is Multitude?

Multitude is a podcast collective and consultancy. Our mission is to create shows about the subjects we love, from mythology to basketball to Dungeons & Dragons, and build incredible communities around them—all supported by our community of MultiCrew members. We also help our clients produce, edit, market, and monetize great podcasts.

Learn more about our podcasts: a celebration of all things basketball for fans and newcomers alike; a sound-rich audio drama governed by the rules of Dungeons & Dragons; a grown man’s first tour through a beloved children's book series; a drink-and-chat history lesson; and a passionate re-watch of an obscure queer TV show. We are all about enthusiasm, nuance, and thoughtful examination of the stuff we love.

If you like what we do, subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts (or wherever you listen to your shows) and consider pledging to our Patreon pages. Better yet, tell a friend about shows you love—it's the best way to help us grow. And learn more about our consulting rates here.

Learn more about Multitude’s mission, personnel, and history here.